5 Elements of An About Me Page That Transforms Visitors Into Subscribers

5 Elements Of An About Me Page

I must admit that when I started my blog, the thing I was most excited about creating was my ‘About Me‘ page.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a whole page to talking about how amazing they are?

If you were around when I first launched, you may notice that my about me page was well, ALL.ABOUT.ME.

I mean, I basically wrote my entire life story and included an image for each ‘milestone’ I mentioned.

It was a complete failure! 

You see, your ‘About Me’ Page isn’t intentended to be all about you.

It should serve as an introduction to your blog or business, as well as a preview of what your readers may expect from you.

Not to be bombarded with images of your milestones.

Thankfully, my ‘About Me’ page disaster is behind me, and I’ve figured out what elements are essential for producing an unique, informative, and high-converting ‘About Me’ page.

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1. Introduce Yourself - However Don't Overshare

There’s no question that your viewers are curious about you; otherwise, they wouldn’t have visited your ‘About Me’ page.

There is, however, a thin line to be drawn between introducing you and giving your whole life story.

Don’t forget to include some of your traits and even an accolade or two, in addition to the basic of who you are (name, education, etc.).

As a result, your readers will have a better understanding of who you are and will be able to connect with you more easily.

For instance, in my about me page I mention that I am interested in Cloud Technologies & Cryptocurrency.

So, make sure to share the important things that make you distinct– your visitors will certainly appreciate it!


2. Introduce Your Blog/Business

Many bloggers have begun to refer to their “About Me” page as a “Start Here” page, and I feel this is because of the following reasons:

Your ‘About Me’ page should eventually sell the blog/business to your reader.

This is literally the whole objective of your ‘About Me’ page.

Yes, and I’m sorry to break it to you, but your ‘About Me’ page is more about the reader and what you can do for them than it is about you.

In the world of blogging, the most important point to remember is the reader’s point of view.

Most of the time, your reader’s point of view will be something like:

“All right, but what’s in it for me?”

Keep in mind that the goal of your blog/business should be to help people in some way.

As a result, your ‘About Me’ page should inform your reader about who you serve, as well as what benefits they will receive.

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3. Give Your Readers A Sneak Peek At What They're In For

Now that you’ve given your reader a taste of who you are and what your blog/business is all about, give them an indication of the types of posts/services they can get from you.

Not only is this a great means to obtain even more eyes on your web content, however most likely, when a visitor puts in the time to see your ‘About Me’ page, it’s safe to state that they like what they’ve seen until now and also chances are, they would certainly like to see more.

I do not learn about you, however when I discover a blog post that I like, I go as well as have a look at that individual’s ‘About Me’ web page.

If I enjoy what they have to offer and can easily understand “what’s in it for me,” I’ll usually read a few more of their postings.

THIS is exactly how bloggers get true followers who constantly interact with their post and brand.

So make sure to provide a link to a post or two!

If you blog about various topics, like I do, feel free to link to a topic from each area.

4. Give Your Target Audience An Incentive

Your ‘About Me’ page is an excellent place to convert your viewers into subscribers!

Once again, the primary goal of your ‘About Me’ page is to sell your blog/business to your visitors and entice them to interact with your brand.

A fantastic approach to get a curious reader to subscribe to your blog is to direct them to a FREE reward that they will receive after they subscribe.

If you don’t already have an email list, I strongly advise you to get one so that you may begin to establish a connection with your readers outside of your site.

Convertkit is my go-to solution for all of my email marketing requirements, and I love it! It makes it a snap to create multiple forms for various freebies!

You may check more about Convertkit by clicking here!

5 Elements Of An About Me Page - Download Checklist

5. Encourage Your Visitors To Stay Connected

Finally, a link to each of your social media platforms should be included on your ‘About Me’ page.

As most of us know, social media is an excellent method to stay connected.

It’s also a good opportunity for your readers to learn more about you outside of your site.

Because most of us are active on at least one social media site at any one moment, it’s critical that your social media sites be linked to your main website.

This way you can ensure that your visitors remain updated with the latest news/posts from you which will eventually drive them back to your blog.

Likewise, if you have a Facebook Group linked to your blog, this is a great place to share it especially if your viewers isn’t interested in your giveaway but still wants to be connected to your blog!

So there you have it.

Five Important Elements of a Convertible ‘About Me’ Page!

What are some methods you use to make your ‘About Me’ page work for you?

Please provide your suggestions and tricks in the comments section below!


5 Elements Of An About Me Page